Stephanie Tilenius, USA

Vida Health is a digital therapeutic and health coaching platform for wellness and chronic care that helps people prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, mental health issues, etc. The service pairs an individual on a 1:1 basis with a human coach who guides him or her through evidence-based clinical programs. Utilizing data from connections to over 100 apps and devices as well as claims data, biometric data, genetic data, etc., Vida is further able to apply machine learning to create a personalized approach to each individual. Vida has high engagement from its users which has led to real health outcomes that lower healthcare costs. Vida is deployed at Fortune 500 companies, major national payers, and large providers.  Customers include: Steelcase, eBay, FICO, United Healthcare, Partners, Duke, Stanford, and many others. We recently published a study with UCSF here:

Stephanie Tilenius is the Founder and CEO of Vida Health, a next-generation mobile therapeutic and health coaching platform for chronic physical and mental health conditions deployed at Fortune 500 companies, large national payers and providers. Prior to starting Vida, Tilenius was with Kleiner Perkins Canfield & Byers, where she worked primarily with late-stage KPCB portfolio companies, with an emphasis on companies in the Digital Growth Fund. While at Kleiner, Stephanie invested in Nextdoor and MyFitnessPal. Prior to Kleiner, Stephanie was at Google, where she was vice president of global commerce and payments, helping build and launch new products and platforms including Google Wallet, Google Shopping and Google Express. Prior to joining Google, she was at eBay and PayPal for nine years, and in her last role was SVP of and global product where she helped lead the eBay Marketplace turnaround. Prior to eBay, Stephanie was VP of Merchant Services at PayPal where she built the off-eBay PayPal business from the ground up into a multi-billion business. A co-founder of, she has also worked at Intel, AOL and Firefly. Stephanie sits on the public boards of Coach Inc. and Seagate Technology. Stephanie's Twitter handle is @stilenius